Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gino Vannelli. Singer. Musician. Canadian sex symbol (Toronto Star). Since 1985, lives outside Lake Arrowhead, CA, with life partner, only leaving the area to go to REI and judge karaoke competitions.


foolery said...

Do you think he knows he looks like Adrienne Barbeau, or however you spell that?

just me said...

He looks like my friend's Aunt Sandy.

Which is terribly convenient because she IS an old lesbian.


Anonymous said...

I'm completely on board with the Adrienne Barbeau lost twin theory.

Anonymous said...

Gino has gone from a very handsome man to a very feminine older man.

But his voice is still magnificent!

I listened to his last CD,and he is still an amazing talent.

who cares what he looks like.

Anonymous said...

Just crank up "Black Cars",
"It Hurts to be in Love",
and "Wild Horses or Something Tells Me",and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

The bad eighties hair just won't die.

That is a really ugly tacky old woman.

Anonymous said...

Great call on "Black Cars". An awsome tune. Have it on a 45 single. It was an excellent record. Too bad it never got any traction on the radio when it was released as a single back then.